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    […] Posts about Social Media as of December 18, 2008 December 18th, 2008 • Related • Filed Under Filed Under: Social Media Memories Of Youth Conventions – 12/15/2008 Memories Of Youth Conventions December 14th, 2008 When I was a kid, I used to be required to go to youth conventions all the time … . I had a few really good friends in school, but my social circle was not really all that big Krugman Worried Obama Doesn’t Have ‘Enough Stuff To Spend On’ – 12/15/2008 As Americans across the fruited plain worry about their jobs and how they’re going to make ends meet during the current recession, Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman showed Sunday morning just how separated from reality and the common man he actually is. Appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” Long shadows and short days – 12/15/2008 What a difference a few weeks makes with the weather. Winter is upon us, although not officially so for a few days … free time resulting from all the social activities and parties… not the favorite activity for a Lone … of people you just don’t want to speak with… not that I’m anti-social, but I run to get away from others Want to piss off Daddy? Forget stripping, marry an Atheist. – 12/15/2008 [ Image Source: Image Source: http://www.myspace … , Penny Edgell, noted that Atheists: “…offer a glaring exception to the rule of increasing social Capitalistic Fools by Joseph E. Stiglitz – 12/15/2008 Capitalistic Fools by Joseph E. Stiglitz Recently I posted this article in MB CIVIC. It originated in Vanity Fair. That publication is blessed with a great Editor, Grayson Carter. While it is noted as a celebrity publication some of the best social commentary available often appears within its covers. I repeat links for 2008-12-14 – 12/15/2008 9 Amazing Adobe Air Apps that make Twitter even easier : Speckyboy – Web Design, Web Development and Graphic Design Resources (tags: twitter tools social) R2D2 Translator (tags: tools starwars humor translator) track your vehicle – 24-7 – 12/15/2008 track your vehicle – 24-7 Yes, this is POSSIBLE! But instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with just the right way of dealing with … and the distraction can prove fatal. Many teens feel social pressures to show off, speed, or perform dangerous acts Digital Photography Technique- Avoiding Blurry Images – 12/15/2008 Digital Photography Technique- Avoiding Blurry Images Filed under: Photographers — admin @ 7:00 pm AddThis Social Bookmark Button Are your digital photos always turning out blurry? There may Three Lines – 12/15/2008 Disturbing thoughts to sift Lonely, driven off a cliff And in one dream, I hit the ground A dive thirteen stories down   Three deep lines and I was saved Envisioned suicide, all drained Still, persistent whispers loom Musing eventual doom   The known sigh and lifeless eyes I am ready, THE BIG GOOGLE PAGERANK SLAP – PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING – 12/15/2008 [ Google] Titus Hoskins asked: Copyright (c) 2007 Titus Hoskins Recently Google did a critical PageRank refurbish where a lot of sites were downgraded. Many experts hold this PageRank refurbish was Google’s reply to integrate offering – sites which sell links mislaid points in their PageRank Compassionate Friends – 12/15/2008 Compassionate Friends Posted in Community, News on December 14th, 2008 at 8:58 pm by Carl Kosola [ COMPASSIONATE_FRIENDS_VIGIL_1_CEK_1214.jpg] … .   Carl Kosola/Staff Photographer Tags: compassionate Friends, milford township ? X Social Bookmarks Digg Furl Google Mister Wong Newsvine Propeller Reddit Online Social Networking Losing Its Edge? – 12/15/2008 [ Larry Brauner] On a My Private Classroom private member conference call last week Diane Hochman reported a major downturn in the effectiveness of social media sites. Diane pointed to social networking sites such as Facebook, micro-blogging sites such as Twitter and video sharing sites such as YouTube, but she inferred that all online social Why Brands ABSOLUTELY DO Belong on Twitter – 12/15/2008 Lon S. Cohen is a writer and social media strategist. He is @obilon on Twitter. A Mashable article by Dr … . Mark Drapeau was passed around on Twitter this Friday, calling for a ban on brands on Twitter. I respectfully disagree. 1. Twitter is Opt-In twitterfollow2 Drapeau said that Twitter Phnom Penh, Cambodia- day 2, part 2 – 12/15/2008 After heading back to the hotel, I met up with my friend Tim Matsui who is here producing media related to trafficking … in the ‘off season’ to pursue photography projects that inspire and encourage social change. That was almost Permanent Link to Lawyer Bait and Switch – 12/15/2008 Lawyer Bait and Switch You’ve finally done it. After searching online, asking friends, family and other lawyers and conducting countless interviews, you have finally located the best lawyer in the world. He or she is smart, charismatic, personable and seem[ Trapdoor]s to know the law backward and forward Permanent Link to Social Media Accountjacking – 12/15/2008 Social Media Accountjacking Social Networking Social networking refers to a group of individuals who make connections, or “networks” within the group, typically online. Social networks you might be familiar with include: Twitter … , it is not surprising some social networkers “cheat” by creating social media accounts using the identity Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – 12/15/2008 As you already know Internet marketing is indeed an open source of money making opportunities to global entrepreneurs, … not! With the help of new web 2.0 or social media tools you can have the same chance to be successful In The Meadow We Can Build A Snowman – 12/15/2008 Syndication Permission Granted by Downtown Joey Brown @ to all Social Networking Peeps I grew up listening to one particular album at this time of year – Johnny Mathis Merry Christmas. I wouldn’t know what to do without this CD playing pretty-much the Womens Handbag. – 12/15/2008 the Womens Handbag. December 14th, 2008 by paule Subscribe To Our Feed The handbag has become very popular since its evolution, and continues to grow to this day. Now a days handbags are very fashionable while still being able to carry everything we need with us in our daily lives Open Community :: Target Vanlines – Periodic… – 12/15/2008 Open Community :: Target Vanlines – Periodic… Sunday, December 14, 2008 Author: DoubleR Subject: … 8 Unanswered 0 Unassigned 46 Total url /url _________________ DoubleR I Love Social Effective Ways To Buy Discount Laptops – 12/15/2008 Effective Ways To Buy Discount Laptops 13 December 2008 The best way to shop for a discount laptop computer is be realistic about what you need … Bookmark it! These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. OnlyWire Socialize-It Digg Furl StumbleUpon Netscape Sterne keeps his nerve at horror hole – 12/15/2008 Sterne keeps his nerve at horror hole December 15th, 2008 Posted in NZTimes | No Comments » RICHARD Sterne claimed his fourth European Tour golf title with a tense victory at the Alfred Dunhill Championship at Leopard Creek Golf Course yesterday. The 27-year-old South African carded a final-round 69 and finished with a 17-under 271 total as Sterne wins Alfred Dunhill Championship – 12/15/2008 Sterne wins Alfred Dunhill Championship December 15th, … and a triple-bogey on the last. Sapa-AP Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. Digg Netvouz Blue Dot Furl Oliver enjoys Varsity victory – 12/15/2008 Oliver enjoys Varsity victory December 15th, 2008 Posted in NZTimes | No Comments » Tim Catling scored the first Varsity Match hat-trick for 74 years as former New Zealand hooker Anton Oliver ended up on the winning side after Oxford University beat Cambridge University 33-29 at Twickenham India rise to KP’s challenge – 12/15/2008 India rise to KP’s challenge December 15th, 2008 Posted in NZTimes | No Comments » Sehwag gets them off quickly VIRENDER Sehwag smashed a … . Kuldip Lal, Sapa-AFP Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. Digg Netvouz Blue Dot Furl Reddit Google’s New River View Service To Go Live Next Week – 12/15/2008 Read More __________________________________ Bernard Madoff appointed Commissioner of Social Security Administration by Dominus … Noster Bernard Madoff appointed Commissioner of Social Security Admnistration WASHINGTON … of the Social Security Administration. The bipartisan consensus on the Hill is that Mr. Madoff would How to Find a Job in 2009 – Complete Manual – 12/15/2008 How to Find a Job in 2009 – Complete Manual Posted by SEO Admin December 14, … to use social media to your benefit, and a quick note on where to land a quick freelancing job – 12/15/2008 14 December 2008  In August Susan discussed Predictably Irrational: … that, if they had chosen differently, they could have gotten something better. Some social science research says Turnout in presidential elections hit 40-year high – 12/15/2008 Turnout in presidential elections hit 40-year high Posted in News on December 14th, 2008 at 8:29 pm by Deb Ungerman, Designer [ voter.jpg] … : Democratic, election, House, Obama, president, Republican, Senate, Turnout, vote X Social Bookmarks Digg Furl Google Mister Wong Newsvine Propeller Reddit Where The Fuck Have My Posts Gone? – 12/15/2008 Oh shit not again…..I really thought I had done a doozy of a screw up when all my posts seemed to have disappeared from view.But I had found a solution…..deactivating some of my plugins! and then they all came back,just like that.As if by magic.Thank you Lord! Social Bookmarking Sea-level rise ignored amid other factors – 12/15/2008 Australians could be being lulled into a false sense of security about climate change. Dr Peter Cowell from Sydney University’s Institute of Marine Science says Australians are unable to distinguish the impact of sea level rises from other factors affecting our coastlines such as storm erosion and natural loss of sand from one area to another One month in Chicago – 12/15/2008 Well we’ve been here a month already — time is flying here! Not much has happened in the two weeks since we last posted an update … in America are pretty much all sorted. We have Social Security Numbers (without which you can’t really Dog Breeds and Common Behavioral Issues – 12/15/2008 Dog Breeds and Common Behavioral Issues December 14th, 2008 When searching for a new member of your family rather it be by purchase or adoption, it is best to research the certain breeds you are interested in to make sure they are a good fit for your family Join the 24 Hour Extreme Cleaning Marathon! – 12/15/2008 I continue to get email from people who are fascinated with this concept of Extreme Cleaning that JS Ohlander and I have created … Family Social Events Home improvement projects Networking The Internet Building your business Building – 12/15/2008 January course revving up Located right in Surabaya and near some of the most beautiful beaches and scenery in the world, our TESOL Course Indonesia center is, if not in paradise, at least next door to it. With a wide variety of social and cultural activities, water sports and other activities, vibrant nightlife Overcoming Intolerance – 12/15/2008 I have an issue with drinking alcohol when very small children are in my care. Babies. I don’t have a problem if my husband drinks, but I just can’t enjoy myself until the kids get to a certain age. Part of it is fear that something bad will happen and one of us might need to react quickly, which you can’t really do if you’re drunk Population Survival Vs. Individuality – 12/15/2008 Population Survival Vs. Individuality December 14th, 2008 Personal beliefs, attitudes, … school is socially the hardest place to be enrolled into and it is a fight for social acceptance … resulting in social issues like gangs and organized crime for others to find acceptance. It is human IDB to double Haiti aid next year – 12/15/2008 IDB to double Haiti aid next year December 15th, 2008 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti—The Inter-American Development Bank will double its aid to Haiti next year to help the impoverished nation upgrade its crumbling infrastructure and broaden social programs, the bank’s chief Sixteen Things You Absolutely MUST Know About MeMe – 12/15/2008 Can I tell you how much I really don’t like doing meme’s or “me” “me”’s ? … out of the gay bar. 3.  As a social networking/blogging junkie, I always have and probably Earn a Kansas Diploma with Elkhart Cyber School – 12/15/2008 As one of the first schools across the nation and in the state of Kansas to pioneer online education, the Elkhart Cyber School aims to promote for the acquisition of a solid academic foundation for Kindergarten up to 12th grade students through a truly innovative alternative learning method More Ideas for Your Store – 12/15/2008 More Ideas for Your Store By businessbroad | December 14, 2008 I’ve gotten a couple e-mails asking for more unorthodox items for gift stores … and Enjoy:These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. blogmarks digg Furl Reddit Simpy Spurl Topics: Brick Misplaced Hopes – 12/15/2008 December 15, 2008 DepthNews | Tags: DepthNews, juan l. mercado, palawan news, palawan times, the palawan times |   By Juan L …  Social Weather Station’s survey. It found that 63, out of every 100 respondents oppose tinkering A Plus Web Hosting – 12/15/2008 A Plus Web Hosting December 15th, 2008 Subscribe To Our Feed In the early days of the internet, having a web site was an expensive proposition with some companies choosing to stay offline due to the cost.Some companies were having their own domain name which cost them a couple of hundred dollars but this domain was not available online Ahhhhhh… Sunday again. – 12/15/2008 One more time. Ahhhhhh… Sunday. I always try and keep Sundays free from too much economic activity or social obligation. It is a big help to my mental health to be able to sit at home 4 Ways to Rebel this Christmas – 12/15/2008 Eat Less We all know it and we’ve all participated in it. We know it as simply having a good feed. It could also be known as Christmas gluttony … . Christmas is a time for many of us to enjoy good food with family and friends we love. Food can be a good means of enhancing a social … Tuition Free University Online – 12/15/2008 Tuition Free University Online Since early 2001, I have been living a dream–a vision–that surfaced from using my intuition. By tuning into my inner guidance, I was able to build a national organization for women writers in just over 4 years that currently has over 11,000 newsletter subscribers and over 2,700 members (as of 2005) The Generosity of Obama – 12/15/2008 This time of year is often called a “season of giving.” Of course certain factions of Obammunists must be torn during this particular season. On one hand, the have their hatred of faith and its accompanying morality so the celebrations of faith likely cause them to want to protest any public sighting of a Christmas Tree MARKETING THEORY AND PRACTICE – 12/15/2008 Marketing Theory and Practice In definition, needs refer to states of felt deprivation including physical needs for food, social needs… Trying LivingSocial – 12/15/2008 I stumbled upon LivingSocial tonight and htought I would give it a whirl. The description in the title bar reads “Social Cataloging of Books, Movies, TV Shows, Albums, Video Games, Beer, and Restaurants.” I know that I’m all set with my books – they’re cataloged Daily Links – 12/15/2008 HTTP Client – Mac Developer Tool for HTTP Debugging (tags: software tools web tool webdev testing rest protocols) Alt Text: Secrets of the 7 Basic Blog Posts (tags: writing tips wired tech) Fifty People One Question (tags: video social vimeo usa people project viral) RSSdoodle by The Lessnau Lounge. 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